Tachyon Vortex Chamber 9 Cold Fusion Prototype

This incredible, top-of-the-line Prototype 24K Gold i9 Aqua Superluminal was a special experiment of the iPyramids’ Skunkworks team using waveguide technology to amplify the photon output of the LED ring while on the ultraviolet (cold fusion) setting.


The theory of this test was; 1) Could light (photons)  be used to amplify the field of the iTorus ion accelerator embedded in the capstone, and 2) If so, would the increase avoid any additional thermal signature of the device at peak output?

Our Tachyon Chambers historically are fitted with LED light rings to add to the appearance of our pyramids. In this case, we would mount similar light emitting diodes on the side of the capstone, mounted at a 45 degree angle while directed into the zero point of the reactor. Since photons are merely the visible signature of energy, and when directed on what is known as the Infinite Angle (45o) can pass through solid molecular structures, would this precise angle also allow those photons to fuse together (Cooper Pair) to the subsonic phonons (inaudible sonic signals) amplified within the core of the Torus?

The iTorus is a room-temperature superconductor that easily achieves an antigravitic Meissner Field, thus its core function is to pair free electrons back together again into whole anion ions. So its power to achieve Cooper Pairing, as well as turning those ions into faster-than-speed-of-light tachyons are easily the primary secret to the overwhelming success in iTorus therapy and why this experiment was logically valid.

As clearly demonstrated in Jason’s Journey, we’ve seen amplified biophotonic frequencies defy the known laws of medical physics. Otherwise Jason’s left leg bone would have never, even in 5 lifetimes, ever reconstructed its molecular form to match the shorter length of his opposing leg. But it did. So we have witnessed this miraculous transformation where the pulsed bioelectric-magnetic tachyon field suspended 3 dimensional surface tensions great enough to allow his genetic cells to enter into a quantum-rest state which allowed them to revert back to pre-trauma RNA/DNA coding  in his case study.

Beyond that we’ve also witnessed many other incredible effects from the combination of the next-level Tachyon Vortex PEMF therapy that is the iTorus coupled to the power of pyramids through countless first-hand testimonials from our thousands of satisfied clients. Our intention at iPyramids is to continue pushing the boundaries of the power of pulsed magnetic square wave energy rejuvenation ever further through experimentation exactly like the Cold Fusion study.

While our prototype in this instance didn’t prove to substantially increase the already incredibly powerful 55 foot field of the iTorus 9 pyramidion reactor used in this test, it certainly yielded one of the most advanced and attractive devices we’ve ever created in our lab. This is the first look anyone has had of our breathtaking new Hammered Gun Smoke Black finish trimmed in 24K Gold (not yet available to the public), and we have to admit it turned out more dazzling than we had ever envisioned when we started testing alternative finishes for our Tachyon Vortex Chambers more than a year ago. Also featured on this unit that will become a feature on our new Chamber lineup, are the quick-connects at the end of the poles that hold the base secure. So simple to assemble that a child, literally, could click it together in a matter of a few minutes.

This is the only prototype like it in existence, and when its gone, its gone. Includes genuine Certificate of iPyramids Authenticity with this once-in-a-lifetime investment in your quantum health. -Chilli Schock, quantum biophysicist

Dimensions: 11′W x 11′D x 7.5′H

Includes FULL KIT: 24K Gold trim Capstone, 24K Gold trim Avatar corner connectors, 100W Stereo Amplifier, 1″ Neodymium Sphere Magnet, Hi Definition video and audio MP3 Player Pre-loaded with 14 Therapeutic Biophotonic Frequencies, Hue LED Light Controller (just download the free app to adjust as desired) & 20′ Audio and LED extension cables. Ready to ship today.

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