Buy 1 iTorus 9 Angel Aura Get 1 Mini! SAVE $1285!



Special Crystal Purchase! Order a Custom, Hand-Made i9 Angel Aura Superluminal iTorus and Get a FREE Custom Angel iTorus 2 Mini! Get our currently-discounted Superluminal Special Price on this hand-made i9 complete with all regular accessories and we’ll throw in a FREE iTorus 2 body (no accessories). Overall savings of $1285 off retail price, PLUS you will be getting a Crystal Gemstone Mix not offered in any of our torus flavors!
Hurry as this special purchase of Angel Aura Platinum nano-coated stones is limited only to stock on hand. When its gone, its gone. 

Not to be confused with granddad’s standard PEMF, this STATE-OF-THE-ART silent and WHOLE HOUSE 5G protection i9 produces a 55 ft diameter TACHYON SHIELD that really does block out harmful EMF while producing time-reversal PULSED TACHYON VORTEX BIOELECTRET MAGNETIC THERAPY. The i2 Mini produces an identical protective and therapeutic 6′ Tachyon field!

Includes TWO Certificates of Authenticity & One Ultra Hi-Def MP3 Player With 14 Pre-Installed BioPhotonic Therapeutic Frequencies, One 50W Amplifier, 1″ Neodymium Test Magnet, Standard 1/8″ MP3 Player Auxiliary Cord for the Mini, Plus an 1/8″-to-RCA Split Amplifier Cord for the i9, Plus i9 Travel Hard Case!

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In stock orders process and ship within 1-2 business days.  Back orders and custom items such as the iTorus 5, 7 and 9 will take up to 14 business days to process and ship.