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Our Chambers are sold in KIT form, starting with the capstone, then you will select the Avatar connectors and the pole kit below to make a complete chamber. Scroll down to see features of this chamber.


The iTorus 5 fitted in the Chamber 5 capstone is a powerful ion accelerator, offering a 24’, or 452 ft sq, whole-room treatment field with real-time DIRTY EMF and 5G protection.

Select your poles in any finish, plus mix and match any iTorus reactor core (within the same price category or less). Unless indicated with your order, your capstone will come with the reactor as shown in the images.

Sturdy ¾” copper framework; choose from our breathtaking Carbon Fiber, White, Brushed Gold, Blue Stain Vinyl finish, Genuine 24k Gold plating, or Raw Copper Finish.  Hint: if selecting Carbon Fiber poles, order your capstone and Avatars in 24K Gold for the ultimate visual appeal. Whichever finish you choose on your capstone and Avatar fittings will be the default finish for the 1 ½” connectors between poles unless otherwise instructed. 

Standard Snap-Together Chamber size is 11′W x 11′D x 7′H. We are happy to reduce the footprint upon request. Reducing each foot of the base will result in the loss of roughly 8” in height.

PALETTE HINT: if selecting Carbon Fiber or White Poles, we recommend ordering your capstone and Avatars in 24K Gold for the ultimate visual appeal. When ordering this way, we will automatically add 24K Gold plated coupling connectors between each pole (no extra charge, a $350 upgrade!) for you when you do this, as the trim accent is just amazing in this combination.

The 24K Gold Plated Capstone and Avatars with Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrapped Poles and 24K Gold Plated coupling connectors, will make your poles really stand out! 

UNIFORM: If you order all three; Capstone, Avatars and Poles in the same colors (or all 24K Gold Plated), the connectors between each pole run will match that uniform color choice.

All Tachyon Vortex Chambers are custom orders and CURRENTLY ON BACKORDER. Or normal timeframe for a chamber is 4 to 6 weeks. However due to our waiting list of orders Please allow an additional 2 weeks from time of purchase. So it may take up to 8 weeks.

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