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Invest in our incredible iTorus 9 Whole-House Sanctuary treatment and get a FREE iTorus 1 personal EMF shield necklace during our BLACK FRIDAY SANCTUARY SALE only! Also includes our $99 Pineal/Cranial Nerves Specialty Biophonotic Playlist in each player! See detail below options fields.

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Order any flavor iTorus 9 for around-the-clock biophotonic and EMF-cancelling whole-house coherent wave field therapy and you will receive a matching necklace to wear as your own personal 5G, WiFi and EMF shield whenever you’re away from home for true 24/7 protection against electromagnetic radiation (that is secretly behind nearly every major disease of this modern age) and continuous biophotonic therapy everywhere you go! 

iPyramids has recently hired an expert Bioacoustics Engineer, Professor Sheela Ramen, proficient in electroencephalography, oscilloscope and biophotonic engineering who has brought her skills to bear, revealing the most astonishing visualization of the Tachyon Vortex PEMF wave field as shown on the screen for the very first time that will astonish even the most critical of naysayers, proving that the iTorus not only generates a factually-provable coherent wavefield out of the biophotonic signals it is amplifying, but incredibly shows that even within the immediate field of a cellphone (that produces highly chaotic electromagnetic and scattered signals that has been proven to cause brain cancers) will override the field to bring that energy back into phase-conjugate coherence. Our iToruses of all sizes, even if not plugged in or turned on, nullifies harmful free-electron radiation so powerfully that even our smallest iTorus 1 worn around the neck (not turned on) will block out all incoming signals from a $50,000 dentist’s Xray machine pointed directly at the face from 4 inches away.

When our new video series begins soon, you will be able to see for the first time what genuine harmonic resonance looks like with your very own eyes that the iTorus generates! Stay tuned!

Do not confuse the field of the iTorus as benign when it comes to your physical health just because you can’t see or hear it. Your body is 100% made up of many thousands of different bioelectric fields that each one relies solely on maintaining very specific vibrations that become distorted by intruding EMF signals we are bombarded by continuously in the modern world. And while the food you put into your body can help you on the road to wellness thanks to the very subtle vibrations each botanical resonates in, but that is nothing compared to the effects biophotonically-corrected frequencies will have on those circuits when delivered through powerfully amplified tachyon particles that pierce all the way through every cell of body with a ‘prevailing magnetic field’ signature that entrains every cell of your system back into true resonant coherence! Your body is bioelectric, and your interface to feed it the right signals is through *frequency (called sympathetic harmonic resonant induction).

Both systems include our $99 Pineal/Cranial Nerves Specialty Biophonotic Playlist in each Hi-Definition Video and Audio MP3 Player and also preloaded with 14 additional Biophotonic Therapeutic Playlists for independent use. Plus the iTorus 9 includes a powerful 50w per-channel stereo Amplifier, 1″ Neodymium Test Magnet, 10′ Cable and Lifetime-Guaranteed Watertight Travel Hard Case. The iTorus 1 arrives in its own custom-designed and Compact Vegan Leather Carrying Case, 1/8″ Phone Auxiliary Cord and 1/4″ 24K Gold-Plated Neodymium Test Magnet.

All iPyramids products are hand-made in Sedona Arizona, USA, the world’s largest natural vortex, and are covered by a 1 Year Quality Guarantee.

All i9 iToruses are a non-stocking, custom item, made to order and take from 6 – 14 days to complete for shipping.