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Make no mistake, this Tachyon Vortex Chamber takes pulsed biophotonic magnetic field therapy to the next level with our 24k Gold A.R.C. Vl. Featuring SIX iTorus 5 Tachyon Vortex ion accelerators charged through biophotonic square-wave frequency playlists using the included Ultra Hi Def MP3 player preloaded with our complete library of 12 Specialty Biophotonic Albums (a $1200 value) that can target specific areas of the body’s bioelectrical fields. When charged they generate a pulsing longitudinal scalar-magnetic field inside and out of the chamber from six equilaterally-spaced accelerators to all meet at the zero point in the center.

In each of its capstones you have the option to choose any iTorus 5 (in any combination of your choice) in six different crystalline spectrums. The geometric connection poles can be ordered either in three amazing colored finishes or in genuine 24k Gold plating. Each capstone features lavish 12 sided Vogel quartz crystals that go through the center point of the Tachyon coil.

The centripetal force created by the the iTorus Tachyon Vortex coils is also known in physics as a phase conjugate dielectric field which is known to restore damaged cells back to coherence closer to their original DNA blueprint.

Phase conjugate fields are measurable and are known restore coherence in the bodies bio-electrical field’s as just mentioned, extend life, enhance peak perception, accelerate performance, expand consciousness, increase rates of rejuvenation, accelerate metabolism, and enable/switch on DNA radio.

If we choose consistent spin-dense and sustainable magnetic environments then DNA responds by adding that inertia to life force, so that eventually we gather the inertia to embed the particle spin required to enter the next dimension and project our plasma to become star navigators.

The A.R.C. VI device acts as a whole body pulsed bioelectric-magnetic field therapy device (PEMF) at the touch of a button. Earth based frequency PEMF therapy is known to reduce anxiety, help with pain, increase cellular energy/ATP production, increase ligament/bone/nerve tissue rejuvenation, increase circulation, as well as anti-aging effects.

Hang from high-tension cables in a vertical position which is 11′ tall 7′ wide, attach to your own custom pedestal bed, position on horizontally laying down over a massage table, or position it diagonal-horizontally on its side for your zero gravity chair or other meditation center inside.

The 6 iTorus 5’s are powered by a 12 channel amplifier along with an iPad loaded with the complete biophotonic library ($1200 retail value on the complete library)

Contact us today at for more information on what the ARC Vl can do for you or your company. Come home to a whole new level of focused mind and body wellness.

  • Two-man team custom installation available, plus travel expenses, not included
  • Due to high demand, these custom builds take 12 weeks (or earlier depending on availability).