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iPyramids is introducing a new way to heal the planet with 24k Gold A.R.C. VI. This device has 6 #Quantum Vortex Captones. These #vortex capstones can be charged or activated by playing #harmonic #frequencies through them with any audio device such as your iPhone,  Android, computer or the included MP7 player that has the complete 12 Biophotonic Specialty Albums pre loaded. When charged they generate a pulsing longitudinal electromagnetic field inside and out of the chamber from 6 equilateral spacing to all meet at a nodal point in the center where the person sites or lays down.  In each of its 6 capstones you have the option to choose which of the 6 spectrums of iTorus’s to choose from and in copper or 24kgold.  These capstones have unique 12 sided #quartz crystal vogels that go through the center point of the #vortexcoil  The central pedal field created by these vortex coils is also known in physics as a phase conjugate dielectric field which is know to be able to restore damaged cells back to #coherence and their original blueprint.

Phase conjugate/fractal fields are measurable and are known to extend life, enhance peak perception, peakperformance , expand #consciousness increase rates of the bodies natural ability of healing itself, accelerate rejuvenation , and enable/switch on DNA radio as DNA is discovered to be toroidal when entering bliss states.  So we created a fractal #magnetic field that pulses through every #dimension of your mind, body, spirit complex.

If we choose consistent spin-dense and sustainable #magnetic environments then DNA responds by adding that inertia to #life force, so that eventually we gather the inertia to embed the particle spin required to enter the next dimension and project our #plasma to become star navigators.

The A.R.C. VI device acts as a whole body pulsedelectromagneticfieldtherapy  device (PEMF) at the touch of a button. Earth based frequency PEMF therapy is known to reduce anxiety, reduce pain, increase cellular energy/ATP production, increase ligament/bone/nerve tissue regeneration, increase circulation, as well as antiaging effects.

Build it over a custom bed or lay it on its side to put a zero gravity chair inside, your choice.  Bed or chair not included.

These are custom orders and will take 2-3 months to create and a 2 man tech team installation job.  Installation fee not included.