Jason Stiles is the inventor of iPyramids (Tachyon Vortex PEMF BioRejuvenation Chambers®), the iTorus (Tachyon Vortex PEMF BioRejuvenation® coils) and founder of a New Earth tech-based company called iPyramids, which is devoted to developing and promoting personal growth and healing self-help tools that aid in accelerating the hidden health potential of every human.


At the young age of 19 and just barely out of school, Jason began his adult journey by joining the United States Air Force’s Special Tactics Pararescue Team, the most highly advanced and well-trained Combat Search and Rescue unit in the world.  After 12 years in this elite organization, yet still very much a young man, he was involved in a traumatic helicopter accident where he became permanently disabled due to extenuating injuries to three of his four limbs, including the permanent lengthening of his right leg by roughly ½ inch due to the placement of the steel rod reinforcement. Shortly after this his life changed forever after an abrupt spiritual awakening and light body activation in 2010. Soon afterward he dropped out of a full scholarship through medical school and began dedicating his life to developing alternative technologies that might assist the mind/body/spirit complex to heal itself at an optimized or accelerated rate in an effort to salvage his own future. Through a complex series of advancements in bioengineering breakthroughs, he spent 2015 sleeping each night inside of the prototype of the highly-advanced ARC I Accelerated Bio-Rejuvenation Chamber he had developed and noticed he no longer needed to visit his chiropractor each week and his badly deformed gate had disappeared. After a complete MRI medical imaging scan it was clear his leg had simply regrown itself back down to its normal length. By combining both Vortex PEMF accelerated stem cell regrowth along with sacred pyramid vortex energy he had literally broken the code to command the human DNA to revert back to its original genetic template.


A.R.C., which stands for Accelerated (Bio) Rejuvenation Chamber, was designed following the sacred quantum geometry of the Great Pyramid of Cheops and coupling that to the pulsing electromagnetic, phase-conjugate vortex coils he calls the iTorus to create designer bioelectric magnetic fields.  These BioField devices are often referred to as “time machines” because participants having short 25 minute sessions have profound experiences, transformations, out of body experiences, time travel, multi-dimensional awareness, third eye activations, pain relief, and spontaneous remissions, just to name a few common reports. And, according to NASA’s own research showing PEMFs to regrow new stem cells within the human body, they truly can be called not just time machines, but quite literally something of the otherwise mythical fountain of youth. Sharing these never-before-seen healing technologies that gave him a second lease on life has now become the all-encompassing purpose in Jason’s life.


After sleeping in the field of the iTorus capstone each night over the course of 12 months, Jason’s deformed leg bones literally grew back to symmetrical on their own.

These are copies of the actual MRI reports generated over Jason’s journey. Due to how badly mangled his right leg was after the accident, a stainless steel rod was screwed into place in order to reset the bone fragments. 7 years later when the rod was removed his leg bone was now massively fused together at the ½”+ length longer than the left of the original set. But over the course of spending a year underneath his prototype vortex pyramid the molecules of his body retrained to adjust back to the length of both legs identical to each other. This is what Tachyon Vortex PEMF BioRejuvenation can do within the bioelectrical field of living organisms.


The iTorus is the Tachyon engine that amplified the pyramid’s energy to power this incredible result. See more about the quantum technology that went into it here.


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