The Stargate – A.R.C. 1 Series


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Our Starter ARC 1 Model. The Stargate ARC – 1, Loaded with a double terminated laser cut quartz amplifier at the apex of your iPyramid wrapped in copper wire. We embed a 5.5″ A.R.C. reactor with a quartz and selenite core in the capstone. At the center of the torus is a powerful neodymium magnet suspended in ferro-fluid and colloidal gold to oscillate the field generated by the A.R.C. reactor. We add a copper coupling to channel the scalar waves to the target pilot underneath the pyramid.

These vortex coils have a signature winding style called POE vortex coil which originated from Daniel and Erica Nunez at


  • 9″ Copper Stargate Capstone with 5.5″ White A.R.C. Reactor
  • 10′ Copper Pole Kit, Polished and Clear Coated to make an 11′ x 11′ x 7′ pyramid
  • 4 Piece Copper Avatar Corner Connector Kit
  • 120 Watt Amplifier

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Weight 45 lbs