The Table Torus (T3) – A.R.C. 1 Series


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A tabletop iTorus perfect for administering PEMF therapy by sitting or lying in close proximity (roughly 6 – 12 ft.). We make this device portable so that you can move it where you want to use it; whether that is in your bedroom, living room, office, study, or zen den, you can administer therapy wherever is most comfortable and convenient. The vortex patterned shell protects the wires of the iTorus and adds design appeal. It also comes with a bluetooth controllable LED double Halo that rotates, flashes and fades to over 200 different settings and a 90watt amplifier. It also quartz crystal sphere and a 1″ sphere neodymium magnet to place in the center of the iTorus to amplify the coherent field.  You may also place anything in the center of the iTorus to charge up or imprint into it a specific frequency of choice.

24k Gold Leaf Added to the Mold for Enhanced Conductivity

Comes with 7″ iTorus (3 Color options) incased inside a protective 9.5″ Torus mold.

1.  White Crystal – Selenite and Quartz Crystals

2.  Black – Full color spectrum of stones, black tourmaline, shungite, magnetite, and fulgurite

3.  Aqua Aura – 24k Gold infused quartz with selenite

These vortex coils have a signature winding style called POE vortex coil which originated from Daniel and Erica Nunez at



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Weight 12 lbs

White Crystal, Black Magic, Aqua Aura