ARC VI – 24k Gold

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  1. ARC VI Includes:
  2. 6 – 24k Gold ARC I Capstones
  3. 24k Gold Plated Poles To Complete The ARC VI   dimensions of 7’ x 7′ X 10′
  4. 12 LED Halo Multi-Colored Bluetooth Remote Control wit over 200 settings
  5. 8000w Amplifier With Aux Capability And 8 Output Channels
  6. Surround sound speakers synched with the ARC Reactors
  7. Enhanced By The Hyper Conductivity of 24k Gold
  8. Made With EcoPoxy ZERO VOC Resin – Safe and Durable
  9. Also includes installation by founder of iPyramids.

*There is a 4-6 week waiting list

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iPyramids is introducing a new way to heal the planet with 24k Gold A.R.C. VI. This device has 6 Atomic Recharging Cellular (ARC) Reactors in its capstone, foundation stone and 4 horizontal corners. These A.R.C. Reactors can be charged by playing sound, tones, music, or harmonic frequencies through them with any audio device such as your iPhone or Android. When charged they generate a pulsing torus and amplify the field inside and out of the chamber into a coherent phase discipline also known in physics as a phase conjugate dielectric/magnetic field.

Phase conjugate fields are measurable and are known to enhance peak perception, expand consciousness, increase rates of healing, rejuvenation, activate or switch on DNA radio and extend life.

If we choose consistent spin-dense and sustainable magnetic environments then DNA responds by adding that inertia to life force, so that eventually we gather the inertia to embed the particle spin required to enter the next dimension and project our plasma to become star navigators.

The A.R.C. VI device acts as a whole body pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device (PEMF) at the touch of a button. Earth based frequency PEMF therapy is known to reduce anxiety, reduce pain, increase cellular energy/ATP production, increase ligament/bone/nerve tissue regeneration, increase circulation, as well as anti-aging effects.

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