Extending life

    1. More Energy
    2. Better sleep
    3. Helps maintain proper immune function
    4. Helps reduce stress and tension
    5. Supports bone health
    6. Supports healthy cell function and metabolism
    7. Supports bone health

Expanding Consciousness

      1. Balances the hemispheres of the brain
      2. Enhances Heart Coherence
      3. Helps to clear negative cellular memory
      4. Supports mental clarity and brain function
      5. Activate clairvoyance and clairaudience
      6. Facilitates in lucid dreaming
      7. Enables Astral/Plasma Projection

Peak Performance

    1. Inducing higher levels of cellular energy
    2. Activate DNA radio (the other 97% of your codons)
    3. Begin to use more than 10% of your brain
    4. Helps with focus and staying on task
    5. Catalyzes heightened states of awareness
    6. Better sleep and HGH production
    7. Improved sex

Designer magnetic fields that elevate life!

Enables the bodies own natural healing system through charged coherence fields which reverses aging and activates dormant parts of our DNA.  

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Technology that serves biology well.
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"iPyramids" were developed as self help tools that serve biology well and aid in the evolution of the human experience...


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