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iPyramids  Designer magnetic fields generate scalar waves which are compressional wave forms that travel billions of time faster than the speed of light . 

—– According to lt. Col. Tom Bearden’s research, scalar waves have the ability to reverse cell damage and rejuvenate biology 

The Science of The Pyramids – Success Related to Health

We all understand that pyramids are something special. We see pyramids many times as a shape that is integrated in architectural designs. And yet, what purpose do they have? How can we use them? A form of aura photography exists today that shows us directly how our life forces, our “Bio-Plasmic energies” are progressing. In the mid-seventies Dr. Fred Bell, a former NASA rocket scientist, discovered when exposing the human body to a pyramid that it would increase our energy level and vitality. Why is this? If you were to read Dr. Bell’s book “Rays of Truth – Crystals of Light” you will find out the science of how sleeping in pyramids can influence your DNA and stimulate cell growth/reproduction.

Pyramids designed for DEEP
meditation, rest, and rejuvenation.
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